The Governance of Risks and Incident Prevention (GRIP) program is pivotal to our strides towards continuous improvement, as it sets the Damen health, safety and environmental standards for our organizational processes. It is through this initiative that we take preventative steps towards safer operations and share our vital lessons, to further propel safety excellence.

'This website is open to all and facilitates more content than ever before! You can now explore our latest safety publications including: standards, guiding principles, animations, posters, safety alerts and indulge in some new “ Hot Topics” for important office safety tips.

'Also available now is the GRIP Library! The library offers a multi-language database of safety information, right at your finger tips. Are you an employee of a Damen Group Company and wish to visit the GRIP library? Contact us today for secured access.


As the number of COVID-19 cases continue to rise across the globe, the level of anxiety within the community is likely to increase. It is important to take reasonable precautions, however, we need to work on business continuity and establish a new normal within Damen. In order to help Damen companies to communicate tips and regulation, we have developed a series of posters, stickers and leaflets. If you have any additional needs, please do not hesitate to let us know.



This year, we introduce central reporting for all environmental issues. This is not only important for our external reporting to (international) authorities, but also necessary to set the right targets toward a sustainable future, at all levels of our organisation. The new template for reporting is released to SnagR. Check below general introduction of the form and instruction on how to find the form in SnagR.

Safety day every day

These months we shared the following safety tips!




Get a GRIP on Workplace ergonomics

This animation highlights the common mistakes in organization of workplace ergonomics and health problems they can lead to.

Get a GRIP on safe driving

This animation highlights the most common mistakes on the roads that lead to the roadway accidents. Stick to the right behavior to keep yourself and people around you safe!

Get a GRIP on welding fumes

This animation highlights the proper procedures involved during welding. Failure to follow these regulations can seriously impact the physical health of workers.

Safety Alerts

Major fire due to heating gun left on during break

Tank of vessel was flooded with water while employee was in the tank