The Governance of Risks and Incident Prevention (GRIP) program is pivotal to our strides towards continuous improvement, as it sets the Damen health, safety and environmental standards for our organizational processes. It is through this initiative that we take preventative steps towards safer operations and share our vital lessons, to further propel safety excellence.

'This website is open to all and facilitates more content than ever before! You can now explore our latest safety publications including: standards, guiding principles, animations, posters, safety alerts and indulge in some new “ Hot Topics” for important office safety tips.

'Also available now is the GRIP Library! The library offers a multi-language database of safety information, right at your finger tips. Are you an employee of a Damen Group Company and wish to visit the GRIP library? Contact us today for secured access.


This animation highlights the precautions that should be taken to prevent fire during hot work.


In focus: Machinery Safety



Machinery Safety: Gas, Hydraulics and Compressed Air

This poster highlights the importance of checking pipes and hoses of machines, which use gas, compressed air or hydraulics as an energy source.

Machinery Safety: Emergency Shut Off

This poster highlights the importance of knowing of emergency shut off of machines with different energy sources.

Machinery Safety: Heat and Light

This poster highlights the danger of some machines which produce heat, laser light and U.V. light.

Machinery Safety Animation

This animation highlights safe practices to prevent injury when working with machinery.


Safety Briefing

Working safely around machines

This safety briefing outlines the hazards involved in machines in the work place and the rules for working safely around machines.

Be proactive: Recent DSCS Campaign

In week 42 Damen Song Cam Shipyard launched a Safety Culture campaign which started with a Safety Climate assessment.

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