Safety Day 2019

Take a moment to reflect on the events of the past year – the incidents, the near misses. Consider what you have learned from these things, what you can improve for the future.


This campaign focuses on the introduction and implementation of the 5S (lean) housekeeping method on-site. This systematic approach, towards mitigating workplace hazards, will assist with achieving organization and maximum efficiency in the workplace. Various documents are provided as a guidance to aid implementation and to ensure the maintenance of good housekeeping habits.

Safety Day 2018

Reflect on your safety performance, identify areas for improvement and decide what you will do differently starting now, to better ensure an injury-free future.

PPE Campaign

Would you like to improve the use of PPE on-site? Launch the PPE Campaign today!

The purpose of this campaign is to ensure that workers are equipped with the knowledge needed to properly identify and correctly wear general and job-specific PPE.


Would you like to boost proactive reporting habits within the workforce? Launch the Incident Reporting Campaign today!

This campaign focuses on increasing incident reporting on-site. The differentiation between safety observations, near misses and accidents is a focal point of the campaign, in order to boost the accuracy of the information that is received. Tips and tricks have also been provided, as ways to stimulate and encourage proactive reporting habits.