PPE: Your Last Line of Defence

Duration: 4 weeks

Concept: Choose a different PPE Topic to focus on each week e.g.:

Week 1: Introduction- Identifying and correctly wearing PPE

  • Print PPE posters and set them up strategically on site.
  • Distribute PPE leaflet.
  • Conduct toolboxes (different workshops) to discuss the general importance of PPE as the last line of defense.
  • Present (General PPE) safety briefing in a toolbox meeting.
  • Print and distribute PPE related safety alerts at the end of the toolbox, as examples of consequences for the improper use of PPE.


 Week 2: Hearing Protection

- Safety Briefing (toolbox) on hearing protection.


Activity: Do the earplugs fit test to check if ear plugs are correctly inserted. (See safety briefing: ear protection slide 15).


  Hearing protection  


Week 3: Eye Protection

- Safety Briefing (toolbox) on eye protection

Activity: Do a test to check if eye protection is a proper fit (See safety briefing: eye protection slides 12- 15).


Week 4: Foot Protection & Hand Protection

1. Safety Briefing (toolbox) on foot protection.

Activity - Testing safety shoes:

  • Load falling on a piece of fruit (e.g. apple).
  • Workers can be asked to guess from which height the fruit will break. The load can then be allowed to fall on the fruit.
  • This can then be repeated with a fruit in a safety shoe, in order to test the level of protection provided by the safety shoes and give a visual indication of why wearing them is important.

Note: This should be a controlled activity and workers should not be standing in close proximity to the falling load demonstration.

2. Safety Briefing (toolbox) on hand protection (you can use the safety alert: Operator injured finger using bench drill to stress that gloves should not be worn when operating machinery).

3. Debrief/feedback session at the end of the 4th week (via the PPE campaign feedback form using this link).

4. Provide workers with small package (PPE related) as a show of appreciation for their participation (optional per yard).

Wishing you much success with the Campaign!

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PPE Campaign