As the number of COVID-19 cases continue to rise across the globe, the level of anxiety within the community is likely to increase. It is important to take reasonable precautions, however, we need to work on business continuity and establish a new normal within Damen. In order to help Damen companies to communicate tips and regulation, we have developed a series of posters, stickers and leaflets. If you have any additional needs, please do not hesitate to let us know.



You can download different stickers set below to print / share with your colleagues.

Avoid touching your face

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Use hand sanitizer

Avoid handshake

Disinfect regularly touched objects

Keep your distance

Cover your cough or sneeze

Wash your hands

Avoid close contact

COVID-19 Toolbox Meeting

This toolbox is created to introduce and control the Covid-19 practically in all Services work environments.

5 tips for supervisors and managers

COVID 19 at the workplace

Checklist: health, hygiene & facilities checklist


You can easily review all the posters here and download what you need below.


Personal hygiene

Preventive measures

Back to office


These L-banners outline general rules of personal hygiene and the rules you must follow in the office / canteen to prevent the virus spreading.

Personal hygiene rules

Canteen and terrace rules


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