The welfare of the people working for us and with us is paramount – it comes before all other objectives. Being a family-owned company, we oblige ourselves to achieve an incident-free workplace. Every day. Everywhere.

Being aware that our product will be the future working place of our customers, our concern for Health, Safety and Wellbeing does not limit itself to our own facilities

We comply with and, where practical, exceed our legal duties concerning health and safety. We maintain effective health and safety management plans – these are crucial in preventing injury and ill health.

We recognise that risk assessment and risk control implementation is part of the effective management of health and safety issues. In this way we can ensure that our personnel, contractors, visitors and the general public are not exposed to health and safety risks. Such a strategy is essential to deliver the best service to our customers.


We know that our products will be our customers’ future workplace, so our management for Health and Safety goes beyond our own facilities. From overall ship design down to the tiniest detail, we continuously invest in product innovation to ensure optimum health, safety and risk awareness of people working on our ships.

Proactive involvement, personal responsibility, accountability and continuous improvement are expected from everyone at Damen.

At Damen, we are committed to conducting ourselves in a responsible manner to protect people in every area of the world in which we operate. We continuously improve our products in light of advances in technology and new understandings in health and safety. We look beyond the operational lifetime of a ship: The Green Passport protects those involved in ship breaking and recycling as it provides optimal traceability of hazardous materials.


The following Health & Safety principles guide all of our decisions on products, services, facilities and general working practices.

  • Health and safety is number one
  • Everyone engaged – everyone responsible
  • Openness and transparency
  • Every individual is important
  • Continuous improvement


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