Damen Shipyards has made it obligatory for shipyards to evaluate and record the hazards in the field of health, safety and well-being (RI&E). A systematic inventory, of hazards at work, offers the opportunity to identify possible residual risks, that cannot be controlled by means of engineering or administrative checks. For these residual risks, it will then be possible to develop a plan that focuses on adequate responses in case of an emergency. The specific hazards established by means of the risk inventory, also determine the composition of the Emergency Response Team (ERT) and the way in which the ERT should be organised. (NEN4000, 2008).

This Damen Standard specifies requirements and terms for an Emergency Response Plan, by means of which a Damen yard will be able to manage its occupational risks and improve its performances. 

This Damen Standard applies to all Damen Shipyards that:

  1. must create an Emergency Response Plan to eliminate or reduce risks for employees and other interested parties that may be exposed to hazards that relate to the yards' activities;
  2. must implement, optimise and continuously improve an Emergency Response Plan;
  3. want to make sure that they comply with the requirements and obligations established by Damen Shipyard in the field of emergency response;
  4. wish to prove that they comply with this Damen Standard by:
    • establishing compliance themselves and issuing a self-declaration, or
    • striving for confirmation of this compliance by stakeholders of the organisations, such as customers, or
    • striving for confirmation of its self-declaration by external parties.

All requirements and preconditions in this Damen Standard are intended to be included in the Emergency Response Plan. The level of application depends on factors such as the local legislation and regulations, the organisation's health and safety policy, the nature of its activities and the complexity of its operational activities (OHSAS 18001, 2007).

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Damen Standard on Emergency Preparedness and Response