Damen Standard on Lifting

This standard specifies the requirements for lifting operations and lifting equipment at the yard, including activities executed by contractors (the provider of services or goods).

This procedure applies to all work activities involving lifting equipment such as mobile, crawler, tower, overhead travelling, portal, jib cranes and lorry crane/loader, etc.

A lifting operation is an operation concerned with the lifting and lowering of a load. A load includes any material or people that are lifted or lowered by lifting equipment. Lifting operations include transportation of material from the storage place to the place where it is being processed, and during the processing of materials.

This standard shall be used together with local government regulations, and other recognized codes or standards as applicable (most stringent regulation prevails).



The purpose of this procedure is to provide guidance on the preparation and execution of lifting operations and is aimed at ensuring that all lifting operations are completed in a safe, controlled manner.

The main hazards addressed in this procedure are the consequence of collisions/impacts of mobile lifting equipment, loads and dropped loads with people, electrical cables and other plant equipment.


  • Do not walk or stand under a load while lifting is taking place;
  • The lifting equipment and Accessories must be inspected and in good working order (marking & visual inspection);
  • The load must be securely slung and properly bundled (centre of gravity and weight known);
  • The moving load must be controlled at all times.

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Damen_standard on lifting, introduction

Damen Standard on Lifting