Damen standard on permit to work 

This Permit to Work (PTW) standard is applicable to all activities performed on Damen yards, by a Damen employee, a contractor or visitors. It also applies to activities, outside Damen yards, performed by a Damen employee (e.g. Field Service Engineer).
This procedure shall apply to non-routine, hazardous or potentially hazardous activities.



A Permit to Work (PTW) system determines how a job is carried out safely, and is a control to ensure all risks have being mitigated to acceptable levels. Compliance with a suitable and sufficient PTW will ensure safety in hazardous areas or activities, through the awareness of the work hazards and the controls required to work safely.

Start Conditions

No activity on the yard, or on an external location by a Damen employee, should start without consent from the direct supervisor. The working conditions and task should be known by the worker and supervisor before the work starts.
Only a competent person may perform a task on a Damen yard or on behalf of Damen on an external location.

Golden Rules

  • The issue of a permit does not, by itself, make a job safe. Ensure your own safety by performing checks, before work commences, to make sure there is no live energy (mechanical, chemical, thermal, electrical, etc.)
  • The person issuing the permit must be authorized to do so and must check that the work is clearly described and the risk and control measures are assessed.
  • Preparations must include a workplace visit.
  • Work should be monitored whenever there is a risk of explosion or toxicity (e.g. hot work, work in confined spaces).
  • A PTW is valid for one shift, a new permit must be issued if conditions change.
  • The PTW should be displayed at the worksite or in a recognized location, near the work site, when not practical.

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Damen Standard Permit to Work introduction

Damen Standard On Permit to Work