This standard applies to all activities involving working at heights undertaken by Damen employees, and Contractor/Sub-Contractor personnel authorised to work on behalf of Damen.

This Standard shall be used together with local government regulations, and other recognized codes or standards as applicable (the most stringent regulations will prevail).

Although this Specification is focused on production operations, it applies equally to all similar activities, whether maintenance, construction or any other purpose.

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The purpose of this document is to provide guidance on the preparation and execution for working at height and is aimed at ensuring that all working at height activities are completed in a safe and controlled manner.

The main hazards addressed in this procedure are the consequences of the fall of a person or an object from height.


  • Do as much work as possible from the ground;
  • Do not work at height without a suitable safety harness when there is no collective protective equipment;
  • Scaffolding must be appropriate to requirements, tagged and regularly maintained and inspected;
  • Do not overload or overreach when working at height;
  • Ensure objects at height are attached and stored in baskets or provide protection from falling objects;
  • Only certified workers equipped with safety harnesses and respecting the specific conditions for use may work on Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP).

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Damen standard on working at height, introduction

Damen Standard on working at height