This document contains 10 ergonomic tips for working from home.

TIP 1 Get ready for work at your usual schedule

It’s good to get up, get dressed and have breakfast at your regular time. This will help you to structure your week. Going to bed and waking up around the same time each day helps to regulate your circadian rhythm which affects everything from mood to diet and heart function.

Tip 2 Turn on video during calls

Face-to-face interactions are important for ensuring everyone is engaged, and also really helps to create more personal relationships with your remote co-workers.

Tip 3 Create designated work area

Organize comfortable and quiet place for work. Choose a good chair and make sure that your table and chair are adjusted for the correct working position. Sit near the window or get a plant and a good lamp to have enough light. Open the window to let the fresh air in. We’re more productive in bright, well-ventilated and green environments. Pay special attention to your posture during the day, change it throughout the day, especially in the afternoon as you may tend to get fatigued.

Tip 4 Drink water

Make sure you stay well-hydrated during the day. It keeps you sharp and makes you less likely to suffer from headaches. Keep a water bottle next to you at all times. If you struggle to drink water during the day, try to add some slices of fresh fruits. And …Avoid too much caffeine. It may lead to decreased concentration and increased stress.

Tip 5 Take regular breaks

Take breaks throughout the day to avoid burnout and remain consistent. Use 20/20/20 rule and look at something 20 feet from you every 20 minutes. This will protect you from headaches and blurriness known as ‘computer vision syndrome’. Moreover, don’t forget to stretch your muscles as they need some ‘warm up’ as well. Stand up, carefully stretch, walk around to make your muscles work.

Tip 6 Watch the time

Set specific timeframe for the start and end of your workday to maintain work-life balance. When your working day is over, shut the door to your ‘home office’ and get back to your life and family. Don’t check your mails or respond to notifications throughout the evening but spent time with your relatives and loved ones.

Tip 7 Keep a clean workspace

Nothing prohibits productivity like a mess. Keep your desk clean free of distractions. Do not collect cups from coffee and tea, use a break to have a drink and do it in the kitchen.

Tip 8 Structure properly

Plan tasks you are going to do for the day in advance and make a to-do list or give yourself a set goal each day. Mornings are great for structuring your day and evenings for praising yourself for the done job.

Tip 9 Cook food

Working from home is not the time to break into the ‘snack storm’. Take time to prepare, cook and eat balanced diet.

Tip 10 Avoid distractions

Listening to music is fine for a lot of people as it helps them to stay productive. But avoid any other distractions like TV or radio. Think about turning off mobile notifications. This will help you to stay concentrated.

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