The requirements detailed hereunder apply to all persons (employees, contractors, visitors) who carry out electrical activities at or for Damen Shipyard, on the premises or the vessels.

On board of the vessels, regulations apply conform Damen Quality Standard VOL 4 Electrical Handbook, IFS document 2908722 and the principles stated in this guideline.


Electricity can kill or severely injure people and cause damage to property from the effect of fires and explosion.
Most electrical accidents occur because people are working on or near equipment that is:

  • Thought to be dead but is alive
  • Known to be live, but those involved do not have adequate training, appropriate equipment, or they do not take adequate precautions.


  • Do not work with energised systems.
  • Follow tag-out and lock-out procedures.
  • Measure that the installation is voltage free before working on it.
  • Ensure that the power supply unit is earthed.
  • Make sure that all relevant systems are isolated (Include the appropriate warning signs).
  • All work must be performed by qualified personnel.
  • Apply the installation manual.
  • Only use proper tools, cables, sockets and plugs (No open wires in connections).
  • Prevent overloading: limit connections of extension cords to power distribution units (Mushrooms).
  • Use the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).

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