Suitable personal protective equipment should be provided to employees, contractors and visitors who may be exposed to a risk to their health or safety while at work or visiting a Damen yard. This guiding principle outline the general principles regarding the selection and use of suitable PPE including requirements for specific PPE used on all yards.


  • It is compulsory that you wear your personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Always ensure that you are wearing the correct PPE.
  • Always ensure that PPE is properly fitted and is in usable condition.
  • Damaged PPE should be replaced.

Selection and use of Suitable PPE

Before opting for PPE, the yard should consider following options:

  1. Use a less risky option, for example use lower voltage tools.
  2. Prevent access to the hazard, for example by guarding.
  3. Organise work to reduce exposure to the hazard, for example if there is a risk of falling objects, ensure restricted entry to that area if possible.
  4. If after all the above steps have been followed there is still a residual risk, you may be required to provide PPE, but only if it will further minimise the risk, for example the provision of head protection where there is a risk of falling objects.

PPE should be considered a last resort because they protect the person wearing it, whereas controlling the risk at source can protect everyone in the workplace. The maximum levels of protection are seldom achieved with PPE in practice and the actual level of protection is difficult to assess. Effective protection is only achieved by suitable PPE that is correctly fitted, maintained and properly used and thus depends the user’s willingness to comply with yard regulations.

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Guiding principle personal protective equipment introduction

Personal Protective Equipment