Qualified personnel

  • Qualified personnel must have successfully attended a specific training course, that meets the requirements of national standards, and must be trained on the specific Lifting Equipment type.
 Crane Operator (overhead/ mobile)
  • Responsible for the crane operations under his/her control
  • Perform pre-use crane inspections
  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Be physically fit to operate a crane, demonstrable by a medical certificate;
  • Have passed an approved crane operator’s training course/assessment, appropriate to the type and capacity of crane he will be required to operate.
  • Personnel shall be re-certified at intervals not greater than every five (5) years.

Powered Industrial Truck (forklifts) Operator

  • Perform a pre-operational check to demonstrate operational readiness of the truck/forklift;
  • Ensure the equipment is within inspection and testing intervals by examination of the periodic re-certification tags and/or documentation;
  • Adhere to all tags on the controls;
  • Drive at speeds appropriate for the existing conditions (space, load, lighting, surface conditions, etc.) and at or below posted limits;
  • Ensure other personnel are not in the swing radius prior to performing turning maneuvers.
  • Be at least 21 years old;
  • A designated individual that conforms to a minimum physical condition, level of competency, and has a documented trail issued by an accepted and recognized authority, satisfying legal requirements and demonstrating the aforementioned and is deemed qualified to perform safe forklift operations.
  • Personnel shall be re-certified at intervals not greater than five (5) years.

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Guiding principle Roles and Qualification for Safe Lifting introduction

Roles and Qualification for Safe Lifting