This document contains basic problems you may face during the organization of the computer workplace, pains that may occur and ways you can reduce them.


General information

The spine of an adult has three natural curves which form an S-shape: an inward curve at the neck, an outward curve in the middle of the back, and an inward curve at the lower back. The lumbar region supports the weight of the upper body. When we continuously sit for a long time our spinal discs get compressed which causes them to lose the access to blood and the essential nutrients it delivers.

Problem: Lack of low-back support

Chairs with low lumbar area support may be the reason 35% more pressure will be placed on the unsupported lower back. As a result you may feel pain in the lower back.


Choose ergonomically designed office chair and adjust it correctly. Adjust the height of the backrest so that you feel support at the bottom of your back in a relaxed position. Your lower back will then be supported by the backrest at the level of the lumbar cavity (“waist belt height”). Then adjust the backrest in relation to the seat at an angle of 90 degrees.

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