Commuting to and from work is, just as, important as being safe at work.

With a growing amount of cars on the road, it’s important to keep your own safety, and the safety of other road users, in mind. This sheet offers a few safety tips to help you, whilst commuting.

These are a few free apps that can help you commute safer.

  • Waze: this app tells you directions, speed limits, crowd information, speed camera’s, police control, roadworks and loads more.
  • Kruzr: this app detects when you’re driving. It will automatically screen your incoming calls and messages. The app tells senders you’re on the road and will respond later. The app allows urgent calls to come through.
  • Drive Mode: an Android app with voice control to access navigation, music and messaging apps.


  • Remain calm. The ride can be very stressful if you’re in a hurry or if there’s busy traffic. Leave 10 minutes earlier, to avoid being in a hurry.
  • Keep focus. Make sure to keep your eyes on the road. Put your phone and other distractions away. Distractions cause over half of the accidents on the road.
  • Plan your route. Make sure you know where you’re going, before leaving.
  • Visibility is key. Make sure your lights work and you’re wearing some form of bright clothing, especially during the darker days.
  • Be sure to be well rested. Tiredness can influence your abilities and increase your response time.
  • Signal. Nobody, except you, knows where you’re going. Make people alert of your intentions, in order to prevent accidents.