Feeling down or… depressed?

Having a bad day once in a while is normal. Having a lot of these might be a sign of depression. You may experience sadness, fatigue and loss-of-interest in your day-to-day life, for an extended period of time. One of Damen’s employment rules is to have fun while you’re at work, if everything seems less enjoyable. We are here to help you.

Identifying the signs of depression

There are a lot of signs you or someone else isn’t just having a bad day. These are some signs to identify a possible depression:

  • Persistently sad, anxious or having an “empty” mood,
  • Having difficulty concentrating, bad memory, or making decisions,
  • Being fatigue or losing energy,
  • Decreasing productivity,
  • Social withdrawal,
  • Being frustrated very frequently,
  • Being absent more frequently.

TIPS: Beating a bad day

  • Have a nice chat with your colleagues,
  • Listen to your favorite music,
  • Make some progress, however small, on something you like,
  • Go for a walk,
  • Look to the future and focus on the positives.

TIPS: What can you do for yourself?

  • Get help, go to a therapist. They will be able to help you cope with your symptoms.
  • Inform someone who’s close to you and speak up. You’ll have noticed some days are tougher as others, it’s important to have someone to lean on and talk to.
  • Give yourself clear goals to accomplish. Be realistic about what you can do and how you’ll have to do it.
  • Take care of yourself. You have to get through this and in the end you could be a better person.

TIPS: What can you do for them?

  • Ask how they are doing.
  • Ask how you can help. Exploring how to make their work a little easier will relieve some weight off their shoulders.
  • Invite them for social work activities. Be a little insistent if they decline but don’t push too hard.
  • Never ignore comments or “jokes” about suicide. If this happens, make sure to inform the person they trust the most and/or their mental health provider.
  • Don’t make their problem yours. You can be there for them, but they’ll have to beat it themselves.