In an emergency situation every second counts. Don’t stand there, operate!

Things you should know beforehand:

  • Location of the First Aid Kits,
  • The Alarm number,
  • Who the first aiders are.

Know where the kits are

First aid kits are available in every building. Make sure you know where First Aid kits are. This will ensure easy access and quick response to minor incidents.

Call the alarm number immediately

In an emergency situation, CALL the internal alarm number. Either do this yourself or ask another person to do this.

What do you do?

Clean their wounds and apply pressure
If they have an open wound, clean the dirt off, remove jewelry, add a sterile dressing and make sure to put a gauze cloth on the wound before applying pressure to the wound. This will stop the external bleeding.

If there is something in their wound, glass for example, DO NOT REMOVE IT. The object is currently preventing further bleeding.

Use the defibrillator (AED) and/or CPR
Make sure that you know where the defibrillator is located. If someone goes into a cardiac arrest, isn’t breathing and the heart isn’t beating use CPR (if trained) or an AED. Most AED’s have audio guidance, so don’t be afraid to use it.

Cool the burns
If someone has burned themselves, for example from using a cooker, cool the wound with water (15-30 °C ) for 10 minutes. This reduces the pain of the wound. DO NOT use cold water, this may cause frost bite and make it worse.

Immobilize when broken or sprained
Immobilize the broken bone, apply something cold and elevate it. Make sure to call the emergency number so an ambulance can take your colleague to the hospital.