Extended sitting has been linked to various health problems, including diabetes and heart disease. Trying to stay physically fit can be a challenge for people who spend their days in an office, but it is possible to avoid some of the adverse effects that result from being sedentary on the job. Moving just 30 minutes a day, five days per week, can help to lower the risks of diabetes, high blood pressure and poor circulation.

The good news is that those daily 30 minutes can include any type of movement which you can easily incorporate into your work day. The point is to move throughout the day, preferably at least once an hour.

This can be as simple as using stairs instead of an elevator or parking farther away than you normally would and walking to the office.


A survey was conducted with 3500 persons to identify what they believe contributes to weight gain at work. The results of the study showed that 51% identified “sitting at a desk most of the day” as a contributing factor.

Other contributing factors included: stress-related eating and being “too tired after work to exercise”


  • Walk to a co-worker’s desk rather than contacting them by email or phone.
  • Perform arm stretches and foot curls using resistance bands while at your desk.
  • Take time to bend your knees and stretch your neck and shoulders.
  • Take a five-minute break for stretching if attending meetings that last longer than 90 minutes.
  • Use mobile apps that encourage you to take breaks and move.

Every 30 seconds, one minute or five minutes that you move, will add up throughout the day.

After sitting at your desk for six hours, the blood flow in your lower legs, significantly decreases.


Replacing a seated work meeting with a walking meeting can increase your physical activity and lead to positive health effects.