The HSE issue Safety Alerts for major faults that would result in a serious or fatal injury and where immediate remedial action is required.

These safety alerts are derived from incidents which occurred within Damen and the Shipbuilding Industry. We share the vital lessons and best practices with each other, to prevent future reoccurrences.

Safety alerts

Major fire due to heating gun left on during break

Tank of vessel was flooded with water while employee was in the tank

Sub-contractor injures leg after falling in cargo tank

Employee succumbs to injury after being hit by toppled load

Two workers severely burned after fire ignited in tank during hot work

Sub-contractor hit by HP hydraulic hose

Warehouse worker succumbs to injuries after being caught between a work vehicle and a storage rack

Operator injures finger during lifting Activities

Generator Damaged Car Bumper During Transport

A Tire Fender Bounced and Rolled Around a Shipyard After Free Falling Off of a Vessel

Hose fell on rig crew members during installation

Welding machine fell off of forklift during transport to storage

A ship propeller damages scaffold platform

Hired operator lost control of forklift due to break failure

Rope snaps during vessel lift at pier

Extension cord caught smoldering due to overload

Worker sustained eye injury while attempting to assess damaged cutting device

Ship anchor and chain dropped onto dry berth during lift

Worker sustained shoulder injury after a 3 ton panel fell down during lift

Hot work was carried out without valid permit

Smoke accumulated inside a forepeak tank due to heat transfer from cutting outside

Smoldering of electrical socket

Inspector falls from scaffolding

Fire ignited during hot work on scaffolding

Crane chains gave way during lift

Subcontractor falls from scaffolding

Inspector falls and injures leg

Trolley rides over sub contractors foot

Worker nearly strucked by liquid nitrogen bottle

Fire ignited during welding activities

Operator strucked by unstable load during hoisting

Operator injured finger using bench drill

Operator broke his nose while exiting a confined space

Worker falls while cycling on the jetty

Gangway flinch employee fall

Shaft landed on the floor

Start of fire due molten sparks on cotton rags

Vessel entangled in overhead crane

Smoke accumulated in engine room, introduction, safety alert, HSE

Smoke accumulated in engine room

Handle fell and injured worker’s hand, introduction

Handle fell and injured worker’s hand