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Safety Gamification

When deciding what safety games to use, it is important to consider the organization's culture and to select games that are likely to be a good fit for the audience.

Also, while we may not want to admit it, we all love competition and getting free stuffs (for ourselves, for the kids or just for the sake of winning it). Tying safety activities to incentive is a great way to get involvement and doesn’t have to cost a lot. Look at your workers to know what they would really like to win, and do not hesitate to make it a group price. Examples are:  

  • A fruit basket (to be healthy) or some comfort food for the department.
  • Coupons to leave work early on a Friday.
  • Coupons for an extra 30 minutes for lunch.
  • Extra vacation time.
  • Workplace lunch with the management team.
  • Lottery tickets (for repartition of bigger items such as small electronic).
  • Items with the Damen logo such as T-shirts.

Creative ideas

Encourage creativity around safety topics.

Selfie time!

Have people take pictures of themselves next to safety items (emergency exit signs, fire extinguisher, first aid station, etc.), have a dedicated place to publish them and a system to designate the winner(s) based on originality, impact or just draw the winner(s). You can also create a safety calendar with the results.

Sing along…

Encourage workers to create a safety song, using a popular tune or their own. Tap the results to judge the performances and award prizes for songs that accurately present the necessary information which gives every group, with or without singers, a chance to win. You can also have additional awards for creativity and talent.

Become a “you tuber”

Give small groups of employees a video camera, or ask them to use their phone. Give them a topic (e.g. correct way to wear a fall protection, safe lifting, driving a forklift, etc.) and ask them to create a safety video. The videos can then be edited and published, and a lottery or other incentive organized to recompense the winner(s).

Safety slogan

Ask employees to develop their own safety slogan. You can reward the winner with the promise to create a banner, a T-shirt or other goodies, with his own slogan on it.

Classical activities

Safety resolution

Have each employee write down 3 things they will do this year to stay safe (i.e.: not texting and driving, addressing safety issues, performing a last minute risk assessment) on a big banner. Make sure this banner is hanged in a prominent place and used in further communication.

Safety commitment

All employees sign a banner with a commitment to safety. Define a safety commitment (i.e. “Our work is never so urgent or important that we cannot take time to do it safely”, “All injuries are preventable”, “All responsible for each other’s safety”, “Excellence in safety leads to excellence in business”.)

One family

Ask all employees to bring a photo or their family. Post it on a board titled “Our reasons to stay safe.”

Playing the Safety Game


Get your entire workforce involved in being safe with Safety Bingo. Every employee gets a card filled with steps for the construction of a vessel. During the draw, pieces of the vessel can be drawn, but also accidents. If an accident is drawn, the last two elements drawn have to be removed form the bingo card. This can help show the impact of incidents on production.

A simpler alternative is to organize the bingo with safety tips that are relevant to the workforce.

Workplace safety charades

With your entire workforce or in teams, organize a charade game where teams must guess the safety-related words or phrases correctly before time runs out by observing the acts of one of their team members. An alternative is to use drawings (Pictionary). Suggested topics can be downloaded here.

Workplace safety survivor game

Divide participants into team and ask them to perform some tasks in a given time (i.e. locate first aid kit, go to emergency exit, demonstrate how to properly lift an object, put your fall protection). Give a token when the team successfully complete each task. You can award a winner using the time needed to perform all the tasks properly.


GRIP on the yards, teaser, specials


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Do you have specific requests? Take a look at what GRIP can do for you! Each yard can now request tailor-made safety ads to market the importance of safety on-site.

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Creating project in SnagR

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Travel Safety Handout

Travel Safety Handout

This booklet provides tips and tricks to better ensure safe travels and stays abroad.

PPE: Your last line of defence

This leaflet highlights the importance of identifying the right PPE for the job and knowing how to wear them correctly. It also provides an overview of all PPE posters available to date.

Emergency instructions

This booklet outlines the crucial steps to be taken in various cases of emergency.

Safety at Damen Shipyards

This booklet outlines the golden rules that must be followed when carrying out specific activities.

Safety for dummies

We selected, what we feel, are the most useful H&S topics to help you navigate your way around. We ask you to think about your own safety and the safety of your colleagues. Be a role model and show how safety is a normal way of working.