For maximum engagement, you’ll want maximum participation. This mean, participation must be easy.

Firstly, you will need to decide if you want to organise a contest or a lottery, how the winner will be chosen and if it’s a team or individual game. You then need to look where you want to organise it. We can provide you an embedded YouTube channel on a dedicated GRIP page (cannot be shared), but you could also organise it directly in YouTube and involve people outside (can be shared).

A nice way to involve people outside or inside the shipyard is to reward “likes” (e.g. by 100 likes, some small gift is distributed). 

Define the contest rules:

  • Conform local regulation (check local copyright laws).
  • Explain how to enter the contest and how the winner will be chosen.
  • Include the maximum number of times someone can participate.
  • State what counts as an invalid entry (dangerous situations, insults, etc.).
  • Include a clear start and end date (it could be better to announce the contest a week before the safety day, and draw the winner – or launch it on the safety day, but in one this kind of activity will not be effective).
  • State how / when you will announce the winner.
  • Outline the prices.
  • Explain how you will deal with personal data collected (subscriber names, email, etc.).
  • You need to include a disclaimer that YouTube hasn’t endorsed the contest (and has no responsibility). 

    You can leave all freedom to the participants, or decide on a theme, e.g.:

  • Tell us about a (near-miss) incident you had, the effect on yourselves and your team.
  • Explain a safety topic (the danger of working at height, confined spaces, etc.).
  • Sale a safety item.
  • Your role in safety within Damen.

The best way to announce the contest is of course through a video, show enthusiasm, explain the rules for participation and of course show the prices!

If you want to organize this activity and need support for creative communication, let us know!