When people are rushing, they become careless, which puts them at risk for injury on the job. Remembering them why they want to go home can be a great way to stress out why, even in a tight schedule, we need to take some deep breaths and work at a good, safe pace as you keep minds on tasks.

Ask all employees to bring a picture of their loved one, or their hobby, and publish them on big banner that can be displayed on prominent place on the yard. Make sure you have way to print pictures in case workers forget to bring one (so they can send you one with their smartphone).

Ask the employees to take a moment to think of What they Could be Missing.

A workplace injury can tragically change a family life. The consequences are much greater than the financial ones, although those are certainly a burden.

The next time an employee is considering taking a risk, either on or off the job, he can think of the young child sitting on the steps, wondering why his dad or mum is an hour late and haven’t phoned. Think of all your retirement plans with your spouse or husband, which you won’t be around to experience.