Get your entire workforce involved in being safe with a Safety Bingo. Every employee gets a card filled with steps for the construction of a vessel. During the draw, pieces of the vessel can be drawn, but also accidents. If an accident is drawn, the last two elements drawn have to be removed from the bingo card. This can help show the impact of incidents on production.

An alternative is to organize the bingo with safety tips that are relevant to the workforce.

How to proceed?

  1. Decide if you will play individually or as teams, and determine the number of different bingo cards you will need.
  2. Find some simple rewards for the winner(s) – you can have some small prices for each line and a bigger price if someone has all card filled.
  3. Book a room large enough for your playing team, with eventually a screen if there is a large number of participants.
  4. Designate someone for the draw, that will be entertaining for the participants.
  5. Have a screen / display where you can put all the cards that are drawn.
  6. Give all participants two pens to note the case if it’s card is drawn and to note if an element is removed (after an incident card).
  7. When you draw an accident card, take the time to discuss the event and give time to the team to discuss it as well.
  8. Decide if the game end with the first card full or if you want more winners.

Hereunder are examples of both game.

Request your game, no later than 11th of December to receive a complete printable version.

Download the games

  • Safety bingo

    The safety bingo will help you demonstrate the impact of incident on the all organization. In the cards to be drown you will find elements and tools needed for the construction of a vessel, but also incidents. All incidents are examples of incidents within Damen. When drawing one of those cards, the last 2 elements drawn should be returned to the urn. Take the opportunity to discuss or present the incident.

    Download ›
  • Safety tips bingo

    The safety tips bingo comes back on some basic safety rules to help increase awareness. To use this bingo, please contact us and we will provide you with the complete file.

    Download ›