Every day is a Safety Day.

See hereunder some tips on organizing a safety day and the message of our Executive Board regarding Safety within Damen and the importance of making of Everyday a Safety Day.

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Safety Day 2019

Take a moment to reflect on the events of the past year – the incidents, the near misses. Consider what you have learned from these things, what you can improve for the future.

Stress at work introduction, hot topic, HSEQ



The safety Big 5

Some of our daily activities are susceptible to have huge consequences, if anything get out of control, and reminding safety rules for those activities is always useful. For your convenience, we have bundled all information related to the 5 biggest risk within Damen. Feel free to download this material to use it on the safety day.

Working at height


Work in Confined Spaces

Hot work

Hazardous materials

Looking for a wider topic?

Find hereunder a selection of topics that can be used to address general safety topics through the all organization. Those topics apply to all employees, in the office or on the shop floor.

Emergency situation

Emergency preparedness

Incident reporting

Manual handling

Housekeeping posters

Housekeeping (5S)



To check more materials devoted to the Safety Day, please upload the package via the link below.

Safety day 2019