The safety slogan incentive program is designed to increase safety awareness by motivating employees to review safety regulations and think how best to communicate them with impact. It also gives valuable information for later use.

The Oxford Dictionary defines a slogan as “A short and striking or memorable phrase”. A slogan is used to convey a message about a product or a service that it is representing. It tends to capture the attention of the audience. A slogan can be a few simple words or a short phrase which ‘identifies’ a certain aspect.

When organising a safety slogan contest, first decide if you will be rewarding teams or individual efforts, and how to choose the winner. You can also decide to make a lottery, but this might not be a good stimulant for providing the best effort. Think also of how you can use the slogan later (create safety poster, safety calendar, goodies, etc). 

Damen is looking for a catchy slogan to complement “choose a topic” (Safety Day, GRIP program, safety leadership, etc). Help us to win “…”

As part of the Safety Day, we will present the winning slogan on “choose a display” (on a T-shirt, on a poster, in intranet, etc.)

How to participate?

  1. Submit you original slogan to, with your name & department, before the 17th of September.
  2. The slogan should not contain any offensive or inappropriate language or content.
  3. One entry per person is allowed and all required contact details must be provided.
  4. The jury, composed of (choose who / how to choose the winner), will make a pre-selection of the slogans.

On the 18th of September, the selected slogan will be displayed and public voting will take place to determine the winner.