Workplace safety songs abound, and they can be an effective tool to strengthen your workplace safety culture. Homegrown workplace safety songs are typically lighthearted and funny and still manage to get across useful information.

The entertainment value is one of the very reasons they are effective. Conveniently, they’re also short, so they’re great for a safety moment or to spice up a daily toolbox talk.

You can either organize a free to enter contest or ask all teams to come-up with their own song. They can use existing tune or create their own to address a safety issue, explain a procedure or simply talk about a risk.

All styles should be welcome, from rap to gospel.

As writing a song will cost time, consider announcing this contest a few days beforehand and announce the winner on the safety day. Refrain from awarding the best singer, but critically look at the value of the message, it’s all about the collective effort of writing a song.

As an incentive, you can also offer the winning team their own video clip.