Divide participants into team and ask them to perform some tasks in a given time.

Have someone at each station with a stamp, or place some stickers, for the team to demonstrate that they successfully completed each task. You can award a winner using the time needed to perform all the tasks properly, but also award some subtasks (i.e. best slogan, fastest in one of the task, etc.)


  1. Divide the participants in at least two teams.
  2. No horseplay!
  3. Select a workplace you would like to use for the game.
  4. Give each participant a Workplace Safety Survivor Worksheet (see example hereunder) listing activities to be successfully completed by each team.
  5. Ask participants to go through the all game as a team.
  6. The team that completed the greatest number of task in the least time wins.

Name of the team: ___________________________

  1. Report an accident to management (name the accident “survival game & give the name of your team”.
  2. Demonstrate how to properly lift a heavy object.
  3. Show where the eye wash station is located.
  4. Exhibit how to properly retrieve an object from an out of reach shelf.
  5. Locate the first aid kit.
  6. Demonstrate how to properly place an extension cord to avoid trips and falls.
  7. Locate the emergency power off system for the specific area.
  8. Go to the designated outside emergency evacuation assembly area.
  9. Create a new safety slogan for the company.
  10. Demonstrate how to report and emergency outside working hours.


Time for completion: _______________________________